Haiwa Institue of Higher Education is an Afghan university stablished under the Afghan Constitution and Ministry of Higher Education of the Afghan government in 2014. It is dedicated to providing world class higher education in Computer Science and Stomatology.

Hariwa operates from a spacious, attractive 4000 square meter campus that is equipped with excellent, up-to-date facilities and technical capacity. The university has employed a highly educated faculty to educate finest students according to the national curriculum and instructions of Ministry of Higher Education.

The medical profession is one of the most essential in modern society, so it stands to reason that medical degrees are demanding and altogether among the most challenging and competitive paths to embark upon. Giving the fact that cities are becoming larger and modernized, demands for Oral health education is growing rapidly in big cities and provinces. Educated students of this field are needed to meet the oral health care needs. Besides, there has been only one institute of higher education providing oral health education in the entire country and that’s not sufficient. Therefore, Hariwa Institute of Higher Education has launched its stomatology department based on the aforementioned needs.

Stomatology is new area of study in the west part of Afghanistan and the relevant oral services are insignificant. Technicians, doctors of other medical fields and unprofessional people fill in for dentists in most of Herat and surrounding hospitals which has affected people’s health causing the spread of diseases such as AIDS and hepatitis. Therefore, Hariwa Institute of Higher Education has stablished its stomatology department.

We are living in the midst of a revolution powered by computers. This revolution has invaded all aspects of our society. Man has always tried to keep up with the changes around him and Computer science is what matters when perusing this cause particularly for the young generation.Upon graduation, students will be capable of engineering software, various databases and LAN, MAN, WAN. Computer science is a new field of study in Afghanistan thus we have launched a computer science department encompasses Software Engineering and Database departments.