Dentistry Department Brief Introduction

Hariwa Institute of Higher Education’s Dentistry Department, as an academic and scientific body, was established in 1393 to operate in producing professional cadre in oral health.

The core goal of the department is to meet medical needs nationwide using updated teaching methodology and out-standing medical cadre equipped with modern-day knowledge and skills. Achieving this objective, we have recruited skillful faculty, launched scientific seminars, designed accurate plans and used strong leadership.

Our dentistry educational program has been built in accordance with modern medical revolutionary standards and along with credit educational system to address medical needs of Afghanistan.

The department includes essential, professional and optional classes. The entire educational period is six years. Students need to complete a total 224 credits from which they can take 18 to 21 credits each semester. Upon completion, students will receive their DPH (Dental Public Health) degree.

Students will take classes for 16 weeks in each semester following a 3-week final examination. In between this, students are also required to take mid-term exams, do assignments and give seminars and presentations.

Our dentistry department currently trains 199 students, 65 female students and 134 male students in both morning and afternoon shifts.

The department is being leaded by its dean, deputy dean and teaching affairs office along with 31 teachers holding bachelor, masters and doctorate degrees.