Herat University Introduction

Herat University was established in 1367 by Abubakr Rashed based on the demands from Herat people and collaboration of known figures such as Fazlulhaq Khaleqyar and Herat governor of the time. The demand was met by the minister of higher education Mohammad Anwar Shams. The university started functioning with Literature and Humanities faculties first. Later on, Herat University began operating in other fields such as engineering, science, education, law and political science, computer science, journalism, veterinarian, public administration, dentistry, social science and three other underneath faculties of universities; agriculture, education and economics faculties of Badghis province, education faculties of both Farah and Ghor provinces.

Private Higher Education Institutes’ Union

Private Higher Education Institutes’ Union was established on Saratan 18th 1391. Private higher education institutes are working alongside each other watched by the union.  The Union has had big achievements in its four-year operation. Besides its core structure, it has an administrative and executive board each with various committees.