These must-to-do terms and conditions are prepared in order to inform students of the rules and laws of Hariwa Institute of Higher Education.

  1. The students who have school graduation certificates approved by ministry of Education are able to participate in entrance examination of Hariwa Institute of Higher Education. However, the students who don’t have school graduation certificates in hand and have only an approved letter from the Directorship of Herat Education must start to get their school graduation certificates from ministry of Education.

  2. The students who have passed the entrance Examination of Hariwa Institute of Higher Education successfully must complete the process of registration in fifteen days. Otherwise, they may be disjointed.

  3. Every student must complete 75% of attendance during the semester. Otherwise, they can’t participate in exams.

  4. Every student’s presence is required in every class and final exam in due time.

  5. Every student has the privilege to use library, laboratory, computers and the internet and playground of the institute all the time.

  6. Every student must have a student’s card provided by students’ affair.

  7. The students who want to delay or disjoin must refer to the students’ affair for the first 15 days of the semester.

  8. Every student has this privilege to expect standard teaching with new and practical methods and techniques from the lecturers of Hariwa Institute of Higher Education. Otherwise they can complain.