Hariwa Institute of Higher Education congratulates all its undergraduates and their families on their success in the first entrance examination of the institute and wishes more success in life for them.

Hariwa Institute of Higher Education with professional lecturers tries to provide national cadres matched with international standards in stomatology and computer science majors. This institute tries to get this opportunity to take positive steps towards the development of Afghanistan and pave the way to improve new talents and practical skills of undergraduates in Herat Province.

Dear readers!

This university makes efforts to take positive steps in educating new generation, who stands firmly facing problems, who are loyal to their country, who make and keep promises to their people and country, and who hate social immorality. This institute participates actively in cultural and economic reconstructive processes and takes step in prevailing over backwardness. .

Hariwa institute of Higher Education tries to provide educational and academic relationships with other internal and foreign Institutes of Higher Education in order to exchange experiences in betterment of quality learning for the people of this country.

Hariwa institute of Higher Education wishes success to every undergraduate in every aspect of their lives. Meanwhile, it wants every undergraduate to try hard in their studies in order to become expert individuals to the serve of their people and country.

Best regards,